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Q: How important is it that my build or remodel contractor is insured?

A: VERY! Unlicensed and uninsured contractors put their clients at risk if there is damage or someone is injured on the job. Liability insurance covers the property damage and bodily injuries. If your contractor is not insured these costs will go against your homeowner's insurance. If your policy is insufficient or does not cover these types of claims you could be left paying the expenses out of pocket. This can cause consumers to suffer serious financial consequences.

Q: Is it necessary that my build or remodel contractor be licensed?

A: Yes, licensing assures your contractor underwent the proper training and education needed to be a competent builder or tradesman. In many states an unlicensed person cannot legally perform work or take on construction projects. They will be unable to pull necessary permits and obtain proper inspections. This can put you and your home at risk.  

Q: Do you do insurance work?

A: Yes, Marlo Build and Remodel does work that is being covered under an insurance policy. We will work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and work is billed accordingly.  

Q: Do you provide financing?

A: Yes, Marlo Build and Remodel has partnered with Green Sky Financial to offer all of our clients financing. There are several finance options available to ensure we have plans to meet every client's needs.

Q: Are you familiar with local building codes and requirements?

A: Co-Owner Mike Booker has been a licensed builder for over 15 years and has supervised the construction over over 500 homes in the Great Lakes Bay region. An active board member for the HBA (Home Builder's Association), Mike believes in continued education and ensures that Marlo and all of it's contractors are up to date on the latest laws, codes, and building requirements for Michigan. Ensuring compliance is vital for any project.

Q: Do you do background checks on employees?

A: Marlo Build and Remodel performs background checks on every employee and subcontractor we hire. Who is in your home matters. 

Q: How do you handle change orders?

A: Change orders are easily handled in your contract with Marlo. We document the change in writing, identify what the change is and how the scope of work will change, any price changes are noted as well as any additional materials that are required (if needed). Both the client and Marlo sign off and agree before any change order is put into place. 

Q: How quickly is my phone call returned?

A: We have a full time office staff working Monday through Friday that is always available to take your call. In the event you call after hours, your call will be returned the next morning.  Our clients are also given emergency contact numbers in the event something unexpected arises on weekends or after hours as well. 

Q: Is it important to get an itemized bid?

A: We say very! An itemized bid spells out exactly what you are paying for. It informs the client of how their project budget is being allocated. You get a detailed list of what is being spent on labor, materials, clean up and more. A bid that is not itemized can leave you in the dark when it comes to the work you are paying for, what materials are covered. etc. This can lead to big and sometimes costly surprises if you and your contractor are not on the same page.

Q: How will I know what is going on during my project?

A: Communication is a vital part to the success of any project. From beginning to end you will be in constant contact with the Marlo team. Once your project starts you are given a schedule and timeline. This ensures you know what is being completed and when. This allows you to plan your life or any other projects you may have going accordingly. In the event there is ever a change in schedule, you are the first to know. 

Have a question that's not listed? Feel free to fill out a contact form on our contact page and we will gladly provide you with an answer.